HIMSPIRE was born in Brussels in 2014. The desire to differentiate our clothes from what we can see in department stores ready to wear, led us to cooperate and exchanges with young talented designers to create a concept that covers both trend and dynamism.

Our Concept

Himspire is a concept which differentiates itself by being present during various evening and night events. It’s a Belgian brand which puts into the light young fashion designers, allowing them to show their creative designs to a larger and diverse public. All our designs are provided in small and exclusive series, while being price attractive. We collaborate with different social sewing studios, providing work to the underserved. This approach has been a key element to our project. Thanks to our mobile stand, we provide an innovative approach, promoting the work of our fashion designers by coming to you rather than you coming to us.

We also innovate with the idea of doing day, evening and night shopping which is a unique concept. We always focus on small fashion collections which are renewed on a monthly basis; avoiding you wearing the same clothes as your neighbour. We make it a point of honour to remain original, to offer quality and a regular turnover of our fashion collections.

We open our first store in Brussels in 2015, this shop is a subtle blend of Belgian designers, who creates clothes, accessories and art. When you visit our shop, you might be able to go out with a permanent tattoo made by Stains

With the launch of our brand for clothes: HIMSPIRE, 2016 was a year of emotions.
This launch enables us to provide you with a glimpse of its unique concept, developed in close collaboration with young designers.
It truly is an innovative concept.
The goal of Himspire is to help dress individuals according to their personality. We offer a mix of styles, prints and crazy games designs, providing the possibility to create your unique look and being trendy design in Brussels! Made in Europe!

Since 2018 Himspire has begin a new chapter.
                                                Capsule collection – hand made – cotton bio – fairtrade
2019 – 20 collection are available in our showroom
B2B REQUEST : sales@himspire.com
Visit the showroom : rue Engeland 339, Uccle Belgium
Exclusive capsule collection design by Himspire and Friends.
Made in Europe
Shop online www.himspire.com